Welcome to the ‘eefit.shop website’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘this website’). We respect and protect your personal web browsing. To ensure that you are able to securely use the services provided on this website and to inform you clearly on how this website collects, uses, and protects your personal information, this website's privacy policy is hereby explained as follows:

1. Policies for the Collection of Personal Information

Collection of Personal Information when using this website’s online service
Users using online services provided by this website, online surveys, and other related services that require the users to provide their personal information will be asked, when deemed necessary, to provide their personal information such as their names, Identification Card numbers, phone numbers, emails, and addresses.

Collection of Personal Information when browsing this website
This website will not collect any personal identifiable information when users use this website’s services such as visiting website, making searches, downloading information and other service information, studying reports, reading latest news, and using other value-added service information; only system log information generated by the web server (e.g., IP address of the Internet connection equipment, browsers used, usage times, and webpages viewed) will be kept. The said system log information is kept to enable eefit to perform analyses (e.g., overall website traffic analysis and users' website behaviour-related analysis) in order to elevate the quality of services provided by this website as well as maintain and manage its information security to protect the rights and interests of the users. eefit will not analyse such users' personal information nor target specific users for their information.

Scope of Application of These Policies
These privacy protection policies are applicable to personal information collected, used, and protected by this website when users engage in activities on it. However, these policies are not applicable to personal information collected by websites that are run by other institutions, groups, and/or companies (whose website links are found on the this website). The said links are governed by the privacy protection policies of the respective units and not by those of eefit.

2. Policy of Using Information Collected on This Site

Methods of Using Personal Information Collected from this website
Personal information collected by this website (e.g., name, Identity Card number, phone number, email, address, and general background and identification information) will be used based on the reason why it has been collected. For example, it may be used as event registration data or for eefit to send notifications and/or contact users after user registration, reply questions, notify users for their sweepstakes results, conduct opinion pools, make event result-related analyses, and engage in eefit business-related activities.

Personal Information Security
Personal information provided by users to eefit will not be disclosed (shared, sold, and/or leaked) to a third party unless otherwise specified by relevant laws or the central competent authorities, or when authorised by the users themselves. As always, eefit will comply with its strict information security standards to hold such information.
All personal information submitted via this website is protected by the SSL security technology to ensure that none of the information is illegally acquired by a third party during the information transmission process.

3. Policy and Use of Cookies

To provide you with greater personalised services, this website uses cookies, which refer to small text files created by a website and placed in the browser of your computer with information on your use—only that website is able to retrieve and read its contents. The main reason why this website uses cookies is for auxiliary purposes, that is, to store your preferences. Most cookies with a time limit attached to them or restricted to single use do not include any information for others on how to contact you. If you wish, you may also set up your web browser so that you will be notified each time a cookie is established.

4. Privacy Policy and Revisions

At times, without further announcement, eefit may update this privacy policy. If any changes are made, this web page will be revised as soon as possible. Since developments in Internet technology usually outpace the legal system, please be aware that absolute protection in the transmission of information over the Internet does not and cannot exist. In addition to continuously striving to strengthen its measures of protection, we would also remind you: Whenever you reveal personal information over any network, it may (with enough time, effort, and/or tools) be intercepted, collected, interpreted, and/or used by others. Especially in the case of open forums on the Internet, such as chat rooms and message boards, for the protection of your privacy and rights, please refrain from offering any personal information therein, such as your personal identification number, password, and/or e-mail address. eefit will do its utmost to protect your personal information stored on this website and hereby reminds you of the shared responsibility in managing your private information. Besides the previously mentioned uses, the privacy of your personal information is hereby given all due respect and will be protected to the fullest extent. However, in exceptional cases of system maintenance or service improvement (as well as legal mandate), eefit reserves the right to use (and reveal) the information that you provided. With advances in technology, relevant laws will also be revised and/or established. eefit will do its best to keep abreast of such developments and make revisions to this statement as necessitated by current conditions so as to protect the personal information of visitors to this website. Should there be any changes to this statement, relevant notice will be made on this website as soon as possible, and visitors are encouraged to review this page periodically. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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